Hi I’m Debbie Banks, I coach and mentor women to move their lives from negative thinking; feeling unhappy; unfulfilled; self sabotaging; self-criticism and struggling to make decisions. I help women know who they are, open up their inner creativity, confidence, self belief and self kindness.  This gives them the opportunity to live a life that’s authentic, heartfelt and realistic to their needs.

 “Dare greatly, live more fully and be the woman you truly deserve to be.”

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I believe we all deserve and have the capacity within ourselves to enjoy happy and fulfilled lives. I help women to realise this vision and change their lives for the better.

With my experience as a counsellor, psychotherapist and life coach I can help you accept and move on from your personal, emotional and psychological difficulties.  Free from your unhappiness, worry and self-limitations you can meet life’s challenges and enjoy the life you want to lead.

Whether you’re living the after effects of life’s unexpected curved balls, trauma, experiencing unhappiness, or feeling like something is blocking you from achieving your aims and aspirations, I can help.

You deserve to enjoy life to the full. Let me take you on your journey to get there.

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Work & Career

Are you unfulfilled or struggling to reach your career goals?


Would you like to repair damaged relationships or learn to love yourself?

Hobbies & Interests

Do you want to achieve more from your hobbies and interests?


Do you lack confidence or feel affected by low self-esteem, stress, anxiety or panic? Are you suffering from poor physical health and a lack of wellness?


Does pregnancy feel like an impossible dream you will never realise? Would you like help and support along your journey?


Live the

Life coaching can assist to address these areas of you life and give you the life you want to have.

Are you willing to change?

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