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Verified Client

A positive experience that has meant I have a much better outlook and hope for the future.  
JW on May 14, 2018 at 12:46:34
I cannot thank Debbie enough for the support she has given me. Debbie is highly skilled and has an equal amount of compassion and understanding. She showed the same level of professionalism and kindness from her first phone call through to our last session and follow up message. I was not at my best in the week leading to taking my flight to meet Debbie but a previous client of hers was able to convince me that I would never regret taking that flight. I am now so glad that I did as I feel like with the guidance Debbie has given me I have been able to turn my life around. I have significantly reduced my anxiety levels, and I have been shown strategies and new ways of thinking that I will use into the future. My advice is take the plunge, trust Debbie and put the effort in, you wont regret it.

Verified Client

Debbie's wisdom, experience and compassion has supported us all  
Jo on May 04, 2018 at 12:52:52
Our daughter had experienced a traumatic incident and was suffering mentally and physically as a result. There was such a long wait for NHS services we decided to seek Debbies help. Debbie taught my daughter skills in the first session that supported her to be less anxious and following the full Integrated Eye Movement treatment, she was able to sleep without nightmares and was experiencing less distress. Debbie's wisdom , experience and compassion supported us all and I will always be grateful to Debbie for the work she has done. Our daughter is now thriving ! It is a very special thing to be able to help someone so much it turns their life around and that is what Debbie has done for us all but namely our daughter.

Verified Client

Life changing  
Sw on March 29, 2018 at 19:00:23
I had an initial telephone consultation with Debbie which put me at ease within minutes. We discussed my problem and agreed an appointment. Basically, Debbie is a therapist that once you meet you just know you’ve made the right choice. Everything is explained to you before the “magic” happens. Her style is absolutely unique and totally thorough, as she and you explore, create, access and find solutions to your personal challenge. I had a few sessions with Debbie, her manner and willingness to help me knows absolutely no boundaries. I’m now back to my normal self, living life to the full without any burdens of my past. I can recommend Debbie unreservedly as she has changed my life for the positive 100%. Thanks again. SW.

Verified Client

Hugely intuitive, highly skilled and very caring.  
Verified Client on March 18, 2018 at 14:50:25
I consulted Debbie when I was suffering from a chronic eye problem which kick-started me into taking a step back and evaluating my life, a mid-life crisis I suppose. She was incredibly intuitive, knowing exactly what was going on with me and what to do about it, this gave me great faith in her and her techniques. Debbie gave me some strategies and different techniques to work on myself that gave me the bricks to re-build my life. I very soon took back control of my life, my eye problem healed up over a matter of three days (after nine weeks of suffering). I felt like a new person, I was now back in a place to continue my life with a fresh and positive outlook. Thank you so much Debbie!

Verified Client

Great practitioner, Great results  
LucyRose on March 08, 2018 at 23:19:46
Thankyou Debbie our session was incredible, I feel so much lighter and energised almost excited about the changes that are possible in my life . I have benefitted so much and am feeling far more connected and integrated since our first session. Having CPTSD is not fun at the best of times but our work together is helping me so much , Thankyou 😊 My first 4 sessions with Debbie have been incredible, I have a much deeper sense of belonging, trust and stability which is life changing for me. This has resulted in far more balance,connection and greater ability to feel Joy and fun in my life . All of this has helped me feel better physically too , Thankyou once again I cannot wait to see how much more improvement the next 4 sessions brings xx

Verified Client

Your LIFE will change, don't be afraid  
Anon on February 27, 2018 at 16:04:42
I sought Debbie's help a few years ago, struggling to cope with what life was throwing at me, she was absolutely amazing and got me back on track. She was so good that I have recently sought her help again. She has restored my faith in life and saved my marriage. Debbie you are truely HEAVEN sent! Below is my recent "Thank You" email to Debbie. I understand. Everything now makes sense, a light-bulb moment Debbie! Today, I can honestly say I'm finally at peace with myself and my marriage, relieved, happy and excited for our future together. I know that blooming pendulam is going to do it's thing from time to time but you've helped me be able to stop that swing in it's tracks 😊 Much love and thank you, x

Verified Client

Understanding myself  
David on January 15, 2018 at 22:14:35
Debbie really helped me identify a variety of unconstructive patterns that were playing out in the ways I was approaching the relationships in my life that were having a negative impact on my ability to connect deeply with people. She helped me understand conflicting elements of my character and gave me guidance in how I could attempt to reconcile them. I feel empowered to make significant changes in my life that I hope will lead me to finding a happiness and fulfilment that has escaped me until now.

Verified Client

Are you feeling stuck?  
Claire on January 12, 2018 at 13:52:56
I contacted Debbie when I was in a bit of a mess. I couldn’t hold back tears and couldn’t see clearly at all which was holding me back from achieving what deep down I knew I could. Debbie has been fabulous, I love her honest no nonsense approach and I honestly can’t thank her enough. Not only do I have complete peace of mind in all the areas that were causing me conflict but I now am able to charge on with my dreams and goals, having cleared what was really holding me back. So if you’re stuck, if you can’t move forward and feel you need some help give her a call. You won’t regret it. Thank you Debbie, you’ve been absolutely amazing and I will always be grateful for all your help.

Verified Client

Simply superb - a genuine life-changer  
Karen on January 08, 2018 at 10:23:07
I deliberated for quite some time before making contact with Debbie. I felt like I was at a crossroads in life, both professionally and personally, and I had no idea how to deal with all the conflicting emotions. Debbie was like a breath of fresh air. Calm, pragmatic, straight-talking, and very very smart. She knew exactly how to structure our sessions together, giving me the tools to be able to make the decisions I needed to make and the wisdom to enable me to understand why I felt like I did. Life throws some challenges our way sometimes. My wish would be that we were all lucky enough to have Debbie in our lives to help us figure it out. My life has changed considerably. Debbie empowered me to make those changes and for that I will be eternally grateful to her. If you're even considering getting in touch with her, just do it. Right now. I can promise you it will be the best decision you ever made.

Verified Client

Would highly recommend Debbie if you wish to save your relationship  
Mr & Mrs R. on November 19, 2017 at 21:41:56
I would recommend Debbie to any couple who are having relationship issues. She is totally impartial and really listened to us both. In fact, we both had light bulb moments with her. We never realised, but my partner and I were both living our ‘scripts’ to each other. We obviously had no idea that we were, but what we did know, was that it was ruining our relationship. Thanks to Debbie and her extremely informative advice, we have instantly been able to readdress how we both behave to each other. In fact, we have been totally at peace with other since our appointment with Debbie, something we haven’t felt in probably years. I can only thank Debbie from the heart.

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Below is a selection of feedback from my life coaching clients, some life coaching success stories.

“I just wanted to drop you a little email (which knowing me will go on a bit) just to update you on how I’m going. I just feel that if I’d helped someone to make a huge change in their life I’d like to know they are doing well. And I am!”

”So I would just like to say a HUGE thank you for calling me back when no one else would and for genuinely caring. You truly made a difference to my life and I am so glad to have met someone with so much passion for life. It’s truely inspirational, and I can’t wait to find my passion in life soon, and if I don’t then I am going to have fun trying as many things as possible”.

“20 years ago I started to suffer from panic attacks which took over my life. Recently things escalated to the point I could not cope anymore it was suggested that I meet with Debbie and she has changed my life around with therapy which is amazing. With this therapy I struggle to remember what it was like to panic. To me Debbie is a wonderful human being who does what she does to help enrich people’s lives and all of this is done without any thoughts or expectations of accolades. I am so grateful to Debbie she has given me my life back.”

“Hi! Here’s why contacting Debbie should be high on your list of New Year’s resolutions for 2014. We all owe it to more mindful of our own wellbeing and to show self-compassion for a more fulfilled life! Debbie has greatly helped me to do just that.

Having discovered in adulthood that it is very likely that I had suffered since childhood, from until recently treated, Post Traumatic stress syndrome, it has had huge impact on many aspects of my life. I have tried counselling group and individual therapy, CBT etc but none of it “clicked” for me. My emotional intelligence and self-awareness is good, but for the last 16 years I have been asking professionals for a “brain re-boot”. The answer is always the same “Sorry there is no quick fix…..

And then I met Debbie. From our first appointment she put me at ease and I found I was immediately comfortable around her and it was easy to relate to her. Indeed I felt as if she’s been a good friend for years! In finding Debbie I have finally achieved the “re-boot” I’ve been seeking! She has guided me through using the “rewind technique” and IEMT sessions. The best thing has been that I don’t have to “re-live” my experiences to achieve the benefits.

It is easy to feel better about oneself, life and the world around under Debbie’s nurturing care – she is a compassionate listener, a great motivator and believes in me, even when sometimes I don’t believe in myself! Under her guidance I have learnt a lot more about mind-body connections, about how to make sense of much that didn’t make sense before, resilience towards whatever life throws my way and she has led me to a much greater sense of wellbeing and dare I say it, happiness!”

“I had another session with Debbie Banks today, and I feel that she has made an impact on my life TODAY.

My past has never been easy for me, and my chosen jobs have been very stressful and have not helped. However, after this session today I feel much more in control of my emotions, they are not taking over me for a change. I feel that when a difficult emotion arises I don’t get the pain that comes with it, so I can steer away from a thought, and get on with what I’m doing, or meant to be doing.

I have worked all my life and have always pushed myself to my limits, because that’s what made me tick. But after having children, one who has an additional need, I can’t go back to work. This has plagued me for five year, and I have felt immense guilt that I’m not achieving to my full ability.

But now I feel I can say, “What is my full ability”, and now I think about it, it’s very different to what it was five years ago. As I was always working, I had no time to do what I really wanted, and that was to go back to school, well college, and finish what I had tried to start, my education.

So I’m now doing a couple of GCSE’s and I’m amazed to find out I’m an “A Student”. So why wasn’t I like that at school. I think it all comes down to life skills. If no one has ever shown you how to look after yourself, when it’s ok to relax and so on, how would you ever now that you are burning out? So now I know it’s ok to relax, it’s ok to sit down and have a cup of tea, I don’t need to keep beating myself up emotionally. It’s a great feeling and it has changed my life for the better. I’m not the same person I was five years ago, but I’m ok with that, I’m just a better me and that makes me smile :0”

“When I first saw Debbie I was struggling getting to work because of my anxiety levels, which gave me diarrhoea. Every day was a nightmare and I was having occasional accidents which was very distressing. I couldn’t see how I was going to cope and was at my wits’ end.

Our first appointment was not limited to an hour so gave me all the time I needed to start working on my issues. It was such a relief. We used several techniques and I was given tools I could use myself. Over our appointments we have continued developing the techniques which have proved most effective for me and looked at my problems in many different ways. I now don’t have an issue getting to work about 95% of the time (compared to about 10% before).

When I have a set-back I know what to do so that it doesn’t affect me like it used to. I have had a very difficult couple of months with things happening at work and at home, and I can definitely say I have coped much better than I could ever have imagined using the insights and tools I now have.

The techniques I have personally found most useful are heart coherence, matrix re-imprinting, mindfulness and self-compassion. I cannot thank Debbie enough, her breadth of knowledge and support have been transformational.

I would recommend her without hesitation.“